Anthony Shaut


Anthony Shaut brings broad knowledge in accounting and property insurance matters, as well as diversified international experience spanning over thirty countries in Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Australia.  He annually represents several large multi-national corporations in conjunction with their intellectual property examinations, where his expertise lies in interpreting complex legal agreements and analyzing the impact of financial clauses within these agreements.

Mr. Shaut is currently the Director of Royalty Audits at Spielman Koenigsberg & Parker, LLP. In addition to heading up the Royalty Department, he oversees several annual financial statement audits, particularly of companies engaging within the real estate, wholesale trade and not-for-profit industries. He has also served as a consultant for acquisitions of multi-million dollar businesses, using financial modeling techniques to assist clients with exit strategy valuations.

Prior to working at SKP, Mr. Shaut served as a forensic accountant with Matson Driscoll & Damico, where he evaluated general liability, property and casualty claims and damages in conjunction with business interruptions,

Anthony has received his combined BBA/MBA degree in accounting from Pace University.


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