Development & Construction


We are dedicated to creating commercial and residential buildings of distinction and quality, built on schedule and within budget, by establishing an efficient and realistic project master plan; focusing on the key milestones and resource requirements; and coordinating a thorough value based architectural and engineering processes, ensuring that the building components are of the highest quality, cost efficiency and environmental and safety standards and seeking to forecast potentially disruptive surprises early in the development phase to limit delays in construction and the expense of on-site changes.

Final design and permit application process

We develop the final design phase schedule and budget; set milestones for the design requirements through value engineering; ensure that the various systems and material are considered, tracked, tabulated and that bid alternates are solicited and evaluated, throughout the design process; oversee, verify and evaluate urban zoning & planning regulations and restrictions; issue procedures manual; manage the design development; develop a detailed scope of work; review the design and constructability; initiate, monitor and expedite the permit application and follow-up; plan the site logistics and material and equipment procurement.

Construction team selection

We analyse the construction market; develop the contracting plan; qualify all bidders; prepare the scope of work; establish the QC requirements; define all special and general conditions; solicit, assemble, review and tabulate all bids; negotiate and award the contracts and establish labor relations.

Construction Management

We provide the overall project management; contract and insurance administration; develop and enforce a quality assurance program; oversee the development of coordination drawings; expedite the submission of shop-drawings; coordinate the various trades; track document and work progress and issues; coordinate utility requirements, connections and approvals; provide special and general conditions; oversee the expediting of equipment and material delivery; ensure adherence to contract specifications, by constant monitoring of material and workmanship; resolve claims, change orders and deal with unforeseen issues in the owner’s best interest; manage site logistics; expedite control inspections and approvals; ensure material inspection and testing; manage fire safety; coordinate TCO/CO application and punch list development and completion.


We prepare the transition from construction to operation; coordinate FF&E delivery and installation; ensure that “as built” documents, plans and system manuals are in place; train and familiarize building operating and maintenance personnel with start-up, testing and repair of the building systems and finalize project close-out.


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