Advisory & Consulting


Working closely with our clients and partners, we develop plans and strategies around their needs and investment goals, for maximum returns on single assets or portfolios.


Market Insight & Analysis

Sourcing and analyzing up to date data on market conditions, we provide insight on future trends ensuring proper land selection, highest and best use, marketability and future value sustainability.

Working with the owners and marketing professionals we create marketing plans, budgets and pricing updates and comparisons ensuring leveraging of a property’s unique design elements, lifestyle amenities and location which enhance the leasing and sales process.

Providing insight into the design and presentation of the project’s commercial space and analysing neighbourhood demographics and market supply and demand dynamics, we identify all potential tenant groups and users.


Financial and Feasibility Studies and Alternative Debt Strategies 

We prepare, review and analyse the conceptual, preliminary and final budgets, develop pro-forma cash-flow and project financial statements and feasibility studies and provide insight, contacts, support and direction throughout the financing process ensuring optimization of the fiscal and financing structure.



Defining and developing the project’s objectives and basic requirements, we establish a viable plan that aims to deliver maximum value to investors combined with an abiding respect for the environment and the well-being of the occupants.

Pre-development due diligence
We develop a feasible and comprehensive project schedule; coordinate the legal and environmental site due diligence; provide hazard assessment and remediation; establish, verify and evaluate urban zoning & planning regulations and restrictions; develop the design phase and permit scheduling; evaluate the site logistics and planning; establish communication and relations with the local community boards and evaluate the availability of development tax incentive programs.

Professional team selection
We solicit design proposals; prequalify all potential professionals; issue RFPs; conduct interviews; recommend awards and develop contracts.

Conceptual Design application process
We develop the conceptual design phase schedule and budget; set milestones for the design requirements through value engineering; oversee, verify and evaluate urban zoning & planning regulations and restrictions; communicate and analyse market feedback from brokers and marketing consultants to establish the optimum uses, unit mix, floor plans, to ensure maximizing value, marketability, efficiency, circulation and utility; and we coordinate permit filing process and expediting.

We identify, examine and implement strategies for sustainability coupled with high performance, ensuring the integration of “green” building principles with technologies that provide added benefits to the occupants, while conserving the earth’s resources.

We evaluate and ensure implementation of emerging technologies, such as building integrated solar, geothermal, wind, fuel cells and combined heat and power co-generation systems.

We investigate the availability of private and public energy conservation incentive programs and evaluate various building systems alternatives, predicting energy consumption in concert with sustainable design, occupant comfort, life cycle and initial investment vis-a-vis operating costs savings.


Other services

We also offer a full spectrum of other development services including but not limited to contract procurement and negotiations; progress and quality inspections; design document review; claims analysis; surety consulting; constructability review; site logistics planning and disaster response.


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